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We work lean and agile Start small and iterate fast to help you from an idea, to an amazing product.

What can we do for you?

  • Need a team?

    Your own agile team

    • A dedicated team
    • Scrum master, developers and optional designers
    • On-site or at our office
    • You stay in charge
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  • Start-up trouble?

    Kick-start your project

    • Get a roadmap
    • Budget indication for your project
    • Test your idea using a prototype
    • With our input, you decide the next step
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  • Need developers?

    Front-end specialists

    • Experts in JavaScript (frameworks), HTML and CSS
    • Who quickly get the hang of your project
    • Back-up of 20 colleagues
    • Immediately available
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Here’s what we did before

We are proud to have worked with

Future-proof Front-end Components

Working with components has been popularised by frameworks like React and Vue. It improves developer experience as smaller things are easier to work with and reason about. But can we exchange components between frameworks? And what about user experience? What do these frameworks spit out in our browsers? Tonight Hidde and Peter will show you how to tame JavaScript frameworks to improve user experience and achieve interoperability through Web Components. 🚀

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