Making a positive impact on the web and the world

It is our mission to develop user-friendly and responsible products for the web. We invest in our team and share our knowledge and expertise with the world.

Make a positive impact with your digital product

  • Purposeful Organisations and Products

    When you take stakeholders into account, your digital product can create a positive impact on people, society and the environment.

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  • Accessible for Everyone

    A digital product is accessible when it’s usable by everyone, regardless of any disability they may have. That's good for your users and your business.

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  • Privacy by Design

    Data is the blood of digital products. We should handle that data with care by being transparent, asking for consent and using non-intrusive tracking.

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  • Energy Conscious

    A digital product leaves a footprint in the real world. By using green infrastructure and optimising web pages you can minimise their emissions.

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  • Open source

    Open source software powers the web. By participating in the community you can contribute back, strengthen your brand and improve your digital products.

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  • Responsible AI

    Using artificial intelligence in digital products has both high potentials and risks. By minding data, bias, accountability and oversight you can use AI for good.

De Voorhoede, for good

Our commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond the work we do for our clients. We invest in talent development and good working conditions for our team. Every year we donate at least 2% of our net profit to a good cause. We do this through pro bono work, financial donations, donations in kind and volunteer work for carefully selected organisations. In this way we actively contribute to our mission to make a positive change in the world.

B Corp certified

De Voorhoede is a B Corp certified company. B Corp is an international quality mark for profitable companies where people and the environment are central to doing business. As an organization you go through a tough inspection in which you prove that you give these subjects a permanent place in your organization. We passed the assessment with a beautiful score of 99,4.

Impactful work

  • Trees For All

    Trees For All is planting trees again this year for all our customers and to compensate for the CO2 that we produce as De Voorhoede.

  • TechMeUp

    Everybody access to tech education. That is the mission of TechMeUp. We sponsor the organization with hours for their website.

  • Plastic Soup Surfer

    Merijn Tinga, also known as the Plastic Soup Surfer, fights against plastic pollution. We support his campaigns by sponsoring his website and its maintenance.

  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam

    At the HvA we teach lessons at the minor webdevelopment for the study Communication and Muiltimedia Design. That way we prepare the new generation developers for the future.

Impact report

Check out our impact report for 2023 (pdf) to discover how we made an impact last year.

2023 in numbers: 11 code talks, 64% purpose-driven projects, 2 masterclasses, 99,4 B Corp score, 1037 hours spend on open source, 7,5/10 employee statisfaction, 14 code classes, 519 hours of pro bono work
Sneak preview of our impact report 2023

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