You have a clear goal for your product. You come to us with a whole bunch of ideas. We don't want all that background information to get lost. That's why we start our projects with an Inventory Workshop. We gather all input, challenges and ideas to get started. After our Inventory Workshop you will have feedback on your plans from our experts and a first indication of complexity and feasibility. Everything for a great start!

Want to talk about your idea?

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How do we start?

Before we plan the workshop, we want to get to know you. We discuss your goals and plans. How far along are you in thinking about your concept? Do you want to connect to existing services? Or do you want to develop everything in house? During the introduction we discuss how we will fill in the Inventory Workshop.

What do we do during an Inventory Workshop?

The Inventory Workshop is a session where we think about your product together. To do this, we use our Inventory Canvas. First, we map the current situation and discuss the key stakeholders. Then we determine success criteria for your project and sketch out initial ideas. We also identify possible technical challenges.

A perfect session to start our project. During and after the workshop everyone was on the same page regarding scope, context, risks, knowledge gaps (and we closed them). The workshop was well structured so everyone got the necessary value in a minimum required time. Highly recommended!

Natalia Litvinenko - Product manager


What is the result?

While filling in the Inventory Canvas you immediately get a first indication of complexity and feasibility. In a short time, you will also get to know the team members with whom you will be working in the coming period. You will also gain new insights and inspiration from the feedback on your ideas from our experts, who have experience from over 200 projects. In other words, all the information you need for a good project start!

What is the next step?

After an Inventory Workshop we start with the Discovery phase. In this phase we investigate the biggest risks within this project. Have you not yet validated your idea with users? Then we prefer to start with a Design Sprint. If it's only about technical risks, we'll go straight to a Prototyping Sprint. Do you have a rock-solid plan? Then our team of experts is ready to develop your product.

Working together during an Inventory Workshop
Working together during an Inventory Workshop

Why an Inventory Workshop with De Voorhoede?

  • Because of our structured approach we highlight your entire project in half a day

  • We scope your project, identify dependencies and discuss first solutions

  • You get a first indication of the complexity and feasibility of your idea

  • You transfer your knowledge to the project team, which can also develop your product

Do you have a question about our approach?

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