Work at De Voorhoede

This is why you want to work at De Voorhoede!

We didn't choose our name by accident: we are the frontrunners in front-end development and of course that includes the latest techniques. Trying out, selecting, attending meetups, anything is possible. Sharing knowledge and making each other better? We are happy to do so! Teamwork makes the dream work, and so we are always there for each other. Not just with a helping hand, but also with a drink on Friday, a game of mario kart or ping pong.

Excited about De Voorhoede? Or looking for more information? Call or mail with our HR team:

You can also expect to:

  • Stay yourself

    We are aware of the different characters and preferences of our people. And of the different ways of working that go with them. We do everything we can to help you excel in a way that suits you.

  • Keep growing

    We believe it is important to keep improving. As a team and as individuals. That's why, in addition to your work as a developer, you'll also be given time and space to work on your own projects. So you don't have to do that in your spare time.

  • Stay happy

    We believe that a good work-life balance makes everyone happier. You could say that we do have a 9-5 mentality.

...well and on top of that, friendly colleagues, a cool office, 25 vacation days (it's possible to buy extra), 8% vacation pay, study/coaching budget, working from home allowance, travel allowance, a MacBook, a monthly budget of 15 euros to spend in the YourCampus app (choose the benefits that suit you), a regular Friday afternoon drink, fridge with your favo soft drink, ...all the boxes are checked with us

What your future colleagues say...

De Voorhoede is a place where you can find out what you like to do and what your expertise is.

De Voorhoede is looking for extra power

We are always looking for frontrunners to join our team. With us you don't have to be incredibly ambitious, or an all-rounder, but rather a rock-solid developer with a love for the front-end. Bringing 20 years of experience? Super! Just out of school and determined to become the best? We would love to have you! The experience you bring is of no importance to us, as long as you want to be at the forefront.

The application process

Read below to find out what our application process looks like:

  1. The phone intake - A short conversation to get to know each other a little better

  2. First interview - The first meeting takes place digitally and will last approximately 60 minutes

  3. Assignment - You'll get a tech assignment so you can show off your skills

  4. Second Interview - We will meet in the office and discuss your assignment

  5. Offer - We are impressed and would love to have you on our team!

Time to celebrate! 🥳

This is us!

  • Sustainable!

    Every year Trees For All plants trees for all our customers ánd for the compensation of the CO2 that we produce as De Voorhoede.

  • Experts

    Accessibility, performance, AI, design systems. We all have our own expertise. We share knowledge, work together and learn from each other.

  • Nice colleagues

    Every Friday we are with the whole team at the office. We talk with each other about stuff that happened, share knowledge and joke around.

Didn't click on any of the buttons above? No worries, we'll keep you in the loop on Twitter, LinkedIn, or at our Front-end Forward Meetups. Don't forget to fork us at Github, and of course: