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Web editor and docs for quantum algorithms

An interface to learn, play and work with quantum computers

The challenge: making quantum computing accessible to a wider audience

Quantum computing is a disruptive new field within computer science. It unlocks things that are impossible with classical computers, such as truly secure communication, logistic optimisations and simulating molecular structures. But as a novice, where do you get started?

A quantum computer at QuTech, Delft
A quantum computer at QuTech, Delft
The concepts of quantum computing - like qubits, superposition and entanglement - are hard to wrap your head around. In fact our team members took a 6-week course on quantum computing just to get a grasp on the matter.
And just when you think the concepts are difficult to master, try doing computations with quantum algorithms. Due to this complexity quantum computing and its algorithms are hard to get started with.
Study book with quantum alghoritms in formulas and charts
Study book with quantum alghoritms in formulas and charts
QuTech - a quantum research collaboration between Delft University of Technology and TNO - asked us to create an interface to make working with and running quantum algorithms accessible to a wider audience.
Challenge accepted!
I was positively surprised how fast people from both Hike One and De Voorhoede took ownership of the process, supported us in defining clear goals and provided the right people for each of the complex tasks. On top of that I really appreciated their drive, flexibility and their passion.

Jorrit van Wakeren - Program manager


Our solution: a quantum code editor with integrated documentation and visualisations

We needed a way for students, researchers and other quantum geeks to communicate with quantum computers. And so Quantum Inspire is born. is a platform for starters and advanced users to learn, play and work with quantum algorithms:

Getting started tutorials on the homepage and a growing knowledge base lower the level to entry:
Quantum Inspire homepage
Quantum Inspire homepage

At the heart of Quantum Inspire is the quantum code editor. In the editor users can interactively write and run their quantum algorithms:

Accessible quantum computing

The key ingredients we used to make the seemingly intimidating quantum computing accessible are
  • a quantum code (QASM) editor with syntax highlighting, syntax validation and inline hints
  • a chart visualising your code as you type, with colours and symbols connected to the code
  • anonymous usage: so you can fiddle around even before creating an account
  • interactive docs alongside the editor to copy-paste code snippets directly in the editor
  • run code on a quantum or super computer and view results
  • user guides: from getting started to writing algorithms and advanced (SDK) usage
Do you have a complex system which you’d like to make accessible with a user friendly interface? Contact us so we can talk about your project.

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