You already made a start. You had an idea, convinced your stakeholders and now you have the budget to realize your product. What’s next? How do you translate your plan into a working product without having to spend your entire budget in one go? With our project strategy we do this step by step. This way you keep a grip on your budget and you stay in charge to determine direction.

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Inventory Workshop

If we don't know each other yet, we will first fill out our Inventory Canvas together. During this kick-off, we systematically map out all information about your idea or project. We sketch on a (digital) whiteboard how your ideas are related, how / which technology plays a role in this and determine the most important risks and constraints. This way you transferred your knowledge to our development team in just half a day!

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Discovery Phase

Depending on your specific situation, we set up the discovery phase. We focus on the biggest unknowns and (technical) risks so that we can explore solutions at an early stage. This results in a validated plan. With this input our development team can smoothly move to the next phase and efficiently start building your product.

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Delivery Phase

In this phase we work towards the launch of your product. We work with the Scrum framework to structure this phase. Each sprint the scrum team delivers a new version of the product. One of our scrum masters guides the process, you are in charge to determine direction.

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We make clear agreements about the responsibilities after the launch of your product. Do you want to manage and maintain the software yourself? Or will you rather leave it to us so the project will continue to run on our infrastructure? We’re good with both.

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After the launch of your product, you don’t stop. You and your team members have a lot valuable ideas. Now you get even more input from your users and stakeholders. Time to structure the improvement process for your product.

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Suzanne Steijn

Project Manager
Do you have a question about our approach?