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Your product is live! You now have a list of requests from stakeholders and functionalities that users ask for. In other words, a million ideas to improve your product. So how to move forward? What is the best next step and how do you acquire the right knowledge?

Improve your product?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Schedule a moment for a talk with Jasper, our CTO.

Roadmap session

During this session we set goals for the short and long term. With this plan at hand, you always know the priority of your features and what you and your team need to prepare for. This way your team never has to wait and can always continue improving your product!

Expert review

Your product is live. Time for the next step: How can I improve my product? Are we getting everything out of the techniques we chose? Can I make my website even faster? How can I make my product fully accessible? We analyze your product with a fresh pair of eyes and present our findings in a clear report.

More info about our performance review or accessibility review

Front-end consultants

You face complex technical challenges. For example, you want to work towards a new architecture or you have a specific performance issue or the accessibility of your website. The knowledge to solve this within your existing team is lacking. We share our knowledge by working on your challenge together.

Front-end training

Every day there are new techniques and possibilities within front-end development. A day job to keep track of everything. The good news is: it is our core business. Our team regularly exchanges knowledge during code classes, via slack (our internal chat) or at the office. Do you want to get started with a new technique, but you don't have the knowledge yet? We’ll share our knowledge during a front-end training.

More info about our Front-end trainings >

Let us know what you're working on

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Let us know what you're working on