You want to launch a new digital service or product. You have a clear vision, your proposition has been validated and you know it is technically feasible. Now you’re looking for the right people to make this happen. You don’t have in-house developers or they are busy with other projects. We’re here to help out! At the end of the Delivery Phase, we celebrate the launch of the first working version of your new product.

Like to talk about your plan or idea?

Sure! Take a look at our calendar or send us a message.

Our way of working

We kick-off each project with an Inventory Workshop. We collect all input, challenges and ideas to get off to a good start. We also think of all possible risks or uncertainties. Are these major risks that we want to investigate first? Then a Discovery Phase may follow. When there is a clear plan and scope, we start developing your website or app during our "Delivery Phase".

How do you work during the Delivery Phase?

During this phase we work with the so-called "scrum" framework. This means that the team always focuses on small parts of your product and improves the product in short iterations. At the start we determine which way to go, but we do not set in stone what the end product will look like. This means there is room for new insights and we can immediately implement ideas. In your role as Product Owner you can determine which functionalities have priority. You stay in charge!

De Voorhoede are experts. Not only to they give technical input, they also think along about how much a certain decision delivers functional and business value.

Roseliek van de Velde - Product Manager


What is the result of this phase?

At the end of the Delivery Phase, we launch the first working version of your website or app. You’re open for business! We make sure that you can analyze the behavior of your users via the tools you prefer. This way you gain insight into what works and what doesn't. We use this input to immediately improve functionalities and start a roadmap. With a roadmap you always know what has priority and what you and your team need to prepare for. This way your team never stops and everyone can get to work efficiently!

Why develop my website or app with De Voorhoede?

  • Direct and personal contact with your team members. This allows you to act quickly and discuss the complexity of new ideas.
  • A backup of 20 developers who can (temporarily) help out. This way we can solve every technical problem! For example performance issues (speed of your website), accessibility or SEO optimization.
  • Benefit from our experience developing more than 200 projects, enabling us to provide informed advice on the technical approach and develop your product even faster.

Do you have a question about our approach?

We're all ears! Contact Nena, our project manager.