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We talk and present with much love about anything related to front-end development!

Occasionally we speak on meetups, events or conferences, and organise our own meetups. Below you can find an overview of past and upcoming events.

In case you like our talks, don't hesitate ask us to speak at your meetup/conference or do a technical pitch/lightning talk!

Upcoming events

Workshop: Service Workers 101

What's a Service Worker? How do push notifications, background sync, and offline behaviour work? We'll teach you during a full-day hands-on workshop. Note: workshop will be in Dutch.

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Fast Fonts and Snappy SVGs

Custom fonts and animated vector illustrations bring your site to life. 62% of all sites already use custom fonts. And the use of SVG doubled last year. It's time for a meetup on how to get the most out of them and use them responsibly.

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Past events

Progressive web apps bij Dom Code Utrecht

We will talk about Progressive Web App Gotcha's at the Dom Code Utrecht meetup. More info

SVG and Service Workers in Lisbon

On 6 April we will be in Lisbon (again!) and host the 'Front-end Lisbon' meetup. We will give two talks: 'Putting service workers in production' and 'Fast & flexible SVGs'. More info

Accessibility in graphic design and development tools

We are hosting the Inclusive Design and Accessibility meetup, because we care a lot about inclusive design and accessible websites. This meetup will be in English with a Dutch sign Language interpreter. More info

Front-end Performance Master Class

Performance matters. Research shows performance has a huge impact on conversion and user retention. You — as a front-end developer — can make a big difference! In this full day masterclass you will learn how to boost performance to the max. More info

Front-end Truques

On 27 October we will show some of our 'truques' or tricks in Lisbon. We will show how we made as fast as possible in 'Boosting Frontend Performance' and how we apply module based development in 'Faking Web Components'. More info

Pragmatism and Progression

On October 20th, we will be hosting the NLHTML5 meetup. Talks will be about being pragmatic in your job and developing for the NES. More info

HTML still matters at ReactNL

We love React for it's developer convenience, but too often semantic HTML and accessibility is overlooked in this JS centered world. Deep in the lion’s den we talked about why React alone is not enough. More info

Rendering done right

It's time for a new edition of our own Front-end Forward meetup. This time it's all about Rendering Done Right. There will be 2 talks: 'Enhance your HTML' and 'Isomorphic React'. More info

AngularJS Futurama

We'll give an introductory talk on the upcoming Angular 2.0 and its concepts like DI, Templating and Routing. The talk is followed by a mini workshop on the same topic, in which you get to code. More info

Single Page Apps op JS MVC Meetup #6

On 29 Januari we will host the JS MVC Meetup and this evening will all be about application architecture in single page apps. More info

Fronteers Pecha Kucha night

A diverse evening with 10 presentations of 20 slides each, presented in exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds. We'll talk about the <details> element, everything about meta data and the psychology behind interaction on the web. More info