Edge functions are the latest extension to the serverless ecosystem. They promise low latency by running closer to the user and unlike regular cloud functions have zero cold start. Edge runtimes come in different flavors like Cloudflare Workers, Deno and most recently Bun! New frameworks like Remix, Astro, SvelteKit and Nuxt3 leverage these new edge runtimes using adapters. And established frameworks and platforms like Next, Vercel and Netlify have added edge support. So this is an exciting time for front-end and during this meetup will dive into edge runtimes!

 Mark your calendars for september 1st.

Event schedule

17.30 Doors open, drinks

18.00 Introduction

18.10 Building Serverless Applications with Cloudflare Pages - Gift Egwuenu, Cloudflare

18.40 Break with food & drinks

19.10 Lightweight badges on the edge - Selwyn Versteeg, De Voorhoede

19.30 Rendering at the Edge - Lydia Hallie, Vercel

20.00 More drinks

Building Serverless Applications with Cloudflare Pages
by Gift Egwuenu
With the advent of serverless, we don't have to worry about managing our own servers. Thanks to the introduction of serverless applications, you can now write a function and deploy it to the cloud.
In this talk, we'll build a serverless application using Cloudflare's stack. We’ll use Pages to host our static content, Functions for managing the dynamic part of our app, Workers KV to persist data, and Wrangler to do local development together with Cloudflare Pages offerings like unlimited preview environments, fast builds, and integration with a Git client.

Gift is a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare. She has worked in the web development industry for over 5 years building tools and products that help businesses scale. In her previous role, she worked as a front-end developer. She is now working in developer relations. Gift loves to share her experience in web development, and career-related topics, with the goal of helping people level up their skills in the industry.

Lightweight badges on the edge
by Selwyn Versteeg
Selwyn is a front-end developer at De Voorhoede with an eagerness to know everything around programming for the web. He dabbles with everything web and Rust & is specialised in serverless. Selwyn spotted the serverless edge early on and has been exploring it since. When not behind a screen you can find him behind his drumset or on his longboard.

Rendering at the Edge
by Lydia Hallie
Lydia Hallie is a developer relations engineer at Vercel, specialized in TypeScript, GraphQL, Web Performance, and Cloud technologies. She likes to make computer science concepts easier for anyone who's interested in tech, by writing approachable articles on technical content through visualizations.

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