As a digital designer your work and your decisions have a large impact on the success of a product, as well as on the complexity and effort required to turn your designs into a working product. Understanding your medium, the web, its possibilities, its limitations and its quirks will make you a fantastic designer.

During this masterclass you’ll learn about the latest web technologies and how to use them in your designs, browser differences and how to use them to your advantage, and how you can go beyond the browser and get the most out of your designs.

In this full-day hands-on workshop we'll focus on 4 topics:

  • Design for Everyone
    Browsers, devices and users have a wide range of capabilities. We'll go into features and differences, so you can design layered experiences for everyone.
  • Design for Performance
    Users expect products to be faster and faster. We'll go into what affects performance and how to design with it. We'll touch on how browsers load content, fonts and images, and how design can improve perceived performance.
  • Apps on the Web
    Traditionally the web has been a web of pages. With single page app frameworks (like Angular, React and Vue) this model has changed. One view can morph into the other and change as you interact with it. These frameworks are not just convenient for developers but also allow you to design in new ways. We'll go into designing with morphing states using skeleton UIs and animations.
  • Leaving the browser
    Web apps are no longer constraint to the browser. Progressive Web Apps are the new kid on the block which give web apps features like being installable, working offline, sending push notifications and connecting to other devices over Bluetooth. And with a little extra we can also turn our web apps into desktop apps. We'll dive into how you can leverage these features and design futuristic apps.

We'll have a break between each topic with a lunch half-way the day and we'll end the day with drinks.

By the end of the day, you'll be designing even better products for the web, challenging the developers in your team and making your Product Owner proud.