A Progressive Web App (PWA) promises a native-app-like experience in the browser leading to higher retention and conversion. You as a developer can enhance your website into a PWA!

There have been plenty of introductory talks about PWAs and their concepts, but now it's time to walk the walk!
In this masterclass you will create a full fledged PWA from a real world example site. Step-by-step we will add features to our PWA using the latest browser technologies, without sacrificing compatibility for legacy browsers. Your app will be installable, run fullscreen, continue to work offline and support push notifications!
At the end of the day you will leave with a lot of knowledge, slides and hands-on experience, which will empower you in your daily work.

We pushed hard on PWAs in the last year and implemented several for our clients. While developing these PWAs we experienced what it takes to put PWAs in production. We also wrote and spoke at some meetups about our PWA adventures.


(Front-end) web developers.

An understanding of Javascript and promises. If you’ve never worked with promises, don’t worry, this very short article explains all you need.

1 day course.

What will you learn

  • Selling PWAs to stakeholders
  • The basics of service workers
  • What to do with iOS
  • PWA tooling and testing
  • Handling the offline experience
  • Better performance with caching strategies
  • Engage users with push notifications
  • Implement background sync to keep a uninterrupted user flow
  • Creating an app experience with Add to Home Screen
  • PWA patterns and architectures
  • Using libraries to your advantage
  • Progressive web app pitfalls
  • Deploying and maintaining

Roughly 50% will be theory and 50% hands-on assignments.


Declan Rek - Declan is De Voorhoede’s very own web performance specialist. Because of the caching possibilities of service workers he got into these workers quite early. After implementing them at several clients Declan got more and more interested in PWA oatterns. Read about his pursuit for negating the network or find him on Twitter.

Anne Fortuin - Anne is a lead front-end developer at De Voorhoede. He created a web app for elevator inspections; a full fledged PWA that works fully offline including background sync. He got so hyped by the end user experience while building this app, that he wants enhance every website into a PWA. Including yours! Find him on Twitter.

Regular: €499,00 incl. 21% VAT & eventbrite service costs
De Voorhoede clients: €399,00 incl. 21% VAT & eventbrite service costs

Maximum number of participants: 12


Do you still have questions about the workshop? Don't hesitate to ask!