A single codebase to deliver apps for iOS, Android and the Web?!
During this meetup we'll get into state-of-the-art technology to deliver truly cross-platform apps. Our speakers Michiel, Bob and Declan will show you how, with their favourite technologies Flutter and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Event schedule

17:30 Doors open, drinks
18:00 Introduction
18:10 Cross-platform apps with Flutter by Michiel Boertjes, todaytomorrow
18:40 Break with food & drinks
19:15 Building PWAs for the Web by Bobby Bol, Alion
19:45 Bringing PWAs to the stores by Declan Rek, De Voorhoede
20:15 Drinks

Cross-platform apps with Flutter by Michiel Boertjes

At todaytomorrow, Michiel helps startups get of the ground fast. As techlead he is always looking for new technology to make this happen. After working with Cordova and Ionic, Michiel now has his eye on Flutter in their endeavour to rapidly deliver cross-platform apps. Flutter lets you build iOS and Android apps from a single code base. And Flutter has announced support for Web (codename Hummingbird) is on its way. So this is a good moment to see Michiel's talk on Flutter.

Building PWAs for the Web by Bobby Bol

Bob is a proclaimed "web head", he wants the web to win. When Progressive Web Apps arrived, promosing websites superpowers like install, offline and push notifications, he dived right in. As techlead at Alion, Bob has given PWA superpowers to many projects. In his talk, Bob will show how why he's in love with PWAs.

Bringing PWAs to the stores by Declan Rek

Declan is a front-end tech lead and PWA expert at De Voorhoede. In 2017 De Voorhoede made it their mission to turn every project into a Progressive Web App. After building his share of PWAs, Declan took it a bit further and published a PWA to Google Play, the App Store and the Windows Store! During his talk he will show you how to bring your PWA to the stores.