You’ve got an idea! A concept for a new product or services or you’ve noticed your users running into a problem. What’s next? Our advice: Don’t set-up a complete product team right away, but start small and test your assumptions first. This gives you more certainty about the succes of your idea. This is exactly the idea behind Jake Knapp’s method: The Design Sprint. In one week we validate your idea and test the technical feasibility. A proven process which helped us launched new successful products with companies like, Philips, Unilever and DAS Flexx.

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What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a proven approach to quickly explore, develop and validate an idea with real users. The goal is to test your assumptions, rapidly learn and gather new insights without the investment of building and launching a complete product. The Design Sprint is a structured process that helps you working towards a prototype and a first user test. As a result, you validated your idea with real users in just one week.

We explored earlier with

There were a lot of uncertainties in this project. With a Design Sprint, we were able to adapt to new findings that emerged during this sprint

Önder Karpat - Product Owner


How does a Design Sprint work?

The first step is to find the biggest challenge for your product or idea. We also help you to map the most important technical risks. We formulate possible solutions, choose the focus of the prototype and start working. In one day we develop a clickable prototype and explore the technical feasibility. Next, we test the prototype with real users and collect their feedback. Based on our findings we define next steps at the end of the week. Because we add a technical check in an early stage, you immediately have an idea about the complexity (and costs) of your idea.

Design Sprint program per day

What comes after a Design Sprint?

You received positive user feedback during the user test, but we also find clear points of improvement. In that case we continue with a second validation round and set-up an Iteration Sprint. During this sprint we refine the design, focus more on technical feasibility with a technical prototype or test a second part of your product with your users.

If you idea is fully validated, we can start with the development phase. We work on an approach, discuss how your team should look like and give you a ballpark for the amount of sprint you need to launch your product. All together, everything you need to convince your stakeholders.

It’s also a possible outcome that your idea doesn’t fit the customer’s needs. Remember, we’re still testing. In this situation it’s time to get back to the drawing board.

Working during a Design Sprint

Why start a Design Sprint with De Voorhoede?

  • Performing a technical reality check right away and spot even more technical opportunities.
  • Let the right experts join, from our team of 20 developers. For example, someone who knows all about AI, privacy, SEO or data visualization.
  • Working together with designers from Hike One or facilitators from The Sprint Agency. These collaborations bring us experiences from 150+ (remote) Design Sprints.
  • Be ready to quickly and seamlessly continue developing your product. Your entire design and development team is already up to speed due to this exploration.

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