Why would you want a performance review?

A fast website has a measurable positive impact on sales. A fast website gets more repeat visitors. A fast website will rank higher in Googles search engine results. This performance review will give you quick insight in how your website performce. We will give you specific solutions to maken you noticable faster.

Want to improve the performance of your website?

Let's have a talk about your project and needs. Feel free to schedule a meeting yourself with Jasper.

What is it?

We put your website to the test, to find out:

  • how quickly a usable page comes up on different devices and browsers.

  • how ‘heavy’ the site is and how the available bandwidth is used.

  • which techniques are used to load parts of the website.

We look at responsiveness (how does your website look on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) and SEO (search engine optimization).

What do I get?

We present our findings and write a thorough report. We describe a couple of quick wins, which an experienced developer can implement quickly. In addition, we make suggestions for long term improvements.

Can we not do it ourselves?

Yes, the tools we use are freely available. We are very experienced in interpreting what comes out of these tools, and in translating that into technology. That's technology made to measure, because there are no silver bullets.

And after that?

We’d like to come and talk to you about long-term improvements. We can’t see everything by just looking at the site; the web developers can tell us so much more about the architecture behind it. Together we can develop ideas and create proofs of concept. And, of course, we would like to contribute to the solution.

Do you have a question about our review?

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