Would you like a campaign site, action site or small corporate promotional site? A microsite is what you’re looking for. Within 2 months we’ll develop a super fast website with a kick-ass design, where you can manage your own content. Thanks to the flexible content blocks you can build your own pages. Of course we add a reliable CMS to that.

Campagnewebsite voor the Plastic Soup Surfer
Campaign website for The Plastic Soup Surfer

What is a microsite and why do you need it?

A microsite is a small website that consists of text and images. It focuses on a specific service, campaign, action or product. You can completely design this website for a few specific search terms that you want to be found for. Starting with the domain name.

Would you like a more extensive website? Check out our custom website service.

How do we work?

  • We look at the design, or we ask Hike One to work with us on this.

  • We listen to your wishes for the CMS and will choose the best option.

  • Then, we will develop the website and smoothen the process of going live.

Actiewebsite voor Kendu
Promotion website for Kendu

What do you get when De Voorhoede develops my microsite?

  • A lively design. Pixel perfect and interactive.

  • Perfect SEO. Google and social media will understand and value your content, thanks to our knowledge of semantics, HTML and structured data.

  • Responsive and fast. Layouts, fonts and images will adjust to different screens: desktop, laptop, table, and phone. On each device, your site will be loaded quickly.

  • Simple content management. With a structured and intuitive CMS.

  • Hosting included. Going live without any concerns. At an own domain with daily back-ups.

What does a microsite cost?

The costs of a microsite depend on the design chosen, the functionalities needed and the choice for a CMS. The complete project will take on two to seven weeks. That means the costs will be between € 10,000 and € 30,000, based on our daily rate of € 900.

Want to start right away?

Send us your ideas and wishes and we'll get back to with a proposal

Corporate website for Jexia
Corporate website for Jexia


As soon as the site is live, it needs no looking after. Managing content will be easy with the CMS. The website’s code will be yours. If you need any additional assistance, you can contact us. Our hourly rate will be operative.

Do you have a question about our services?


CTO, Co-founder

Do you have a question about our services?