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Why would you want a Front-end Training?

New tools, frameworks and ways to make websites even faster: front-end development is constantly evolving. How do you keep up with the latest developments in the business?

At De Voorhoede, front-end is our core business. With 20 people, we work on projects and share our knowledge day by day. We like to talk about our love for front-end to anyone interested. Of course, we share our knowledge through blogs and meet-ups. But did you know we regularly host code classes, masterclasses and lunch lectures at the client site office?

During these classes of lectures we dive into common used techniques, we give insights in the latest developments in our field and we give tips & tricks you can apply immediate. These classes and lectures give your team renewed energy and inspiration to develop te best possible product.

Find out if we can help?

Let's talk about your needs. Feel free to schedule a meeting yourself in Nena's calendar.

How does it work?

First, we identify the needs and level of the participants. Then, we compose a customized training program and choose a suitable instructor. Together, we’ll plan where and when the training will take place.

I had a great two days, with at the end enough new knowledge to continue learning Vue.

Participant Vue Masterclass


What do I get?

  • Training on relevant new front-end techniques and best practices. E.g. Promises, ES6 basics, Vue, Performance and PWA's.
  • Given by an experienced and specialised front-end developer.
  • On location or at our office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  • A copy of presentations, teaching materials and code for all participants.

Want know more about our trainings?

Schedule a meeting right away with Nena, our project manager.

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