Our Vue.js developers are

  • specialised in JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5 and CSS3

  • experts in building large Vue.js apps

  • high educated, Dutch speaking and fluent in English

  • available now

  • rates on request

Ready to start

Call 020 2610 954‬ or send us a message at post@voorhoede.nl. Within 24 hours we’ll send you the resume of a suitable Vue.js developer and schedule an introduction.

What we do differently?

De Voorhoede is specialised in front-end development. It’s what we do, and all we do. All our 20+ developers have created high quality production-grade web applications with Vue.js. Our specialist really are specialists. Because we’re a big team, we can always consult a colleague. By hiring one developer you get the knowledge and experience of an entire team - and you can scale up whenever needed.

Developer working at a desk with two screens
Our Vue.js developers at work

Who we are?

De Voorhoede is founded in 20212. We’re specialised in front-end development and working with front-end frameworks like React and Vue. All our front-end developers shine in JavaScript, Node.js, HTML and CSS, have a knack for design and are highly experienced in agile Scrum projects. We teach masterclasses and push the standards like Progressive Web Apps (PWA), GraphQL and serverless deployments. We’ve worked and are working for Funda, ABN AMRO, Deltares, Philips, Geldmaat, TU Delft, Loavies.com, and Unilever.

Why we believe in Vue.js?

Vue.js is a highly popular JavaScript framework for building modern web applications. You can use Vue.js with any back-end system such as Magento, Laravel, Django, and languages including Java, PHP, .NET or Python. Vue remains close to the web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JS), ensuring new developers are quickly familiair with the framework. Vue has learned and borrows concepts from earlier frameworks like Angular and React. Unlike React, Vue.js comes with a standard router, state management and animation library. This integration enables developers to rapidly build high quality web applications.

Developers working together behind a laptop

How we use Vue.js?

Our Vue developers are experienced in

  • developing large maintainable Vue.js applications

  • Vue.js concepts like SFC, props, events, slots, state, models and lifecycles

  • various Vue.js component strategies (such as smart vs dumb, mixins en directives)

  • state management with Vuex or Apollo

  • connecting REST and GraphQL APIs

  • various CSS integrations (Sass, CSS modules, Styled Components, Vuetify)

  • quality assurance with unit tests using Jest and Vue Test Utils

  • combining TypeScript for strict and well-documented code

  • fast lightweight apps with preloading and async components

  • server-side rendering for SEO and performance with Nuxt.js

  • custom Vue.js component libraries with Storybook

Do you have a question about our specialists?

We're all ears! Contact Suzanne, our project manager.