The future of front-end

On October 1st we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of De Voorhoede. Our organization has grown a lot the last couple of years: in office, knowledge and colleagues. A lot has changed. Not only at De Voorhoede, but also in the front-end market. Ofcourse, we have a lot of plans for the upcoming years. Take a trip down memory lane throughout the first 10 years and read about our predictions for the future.

Facts and figures: De Voorhoede

    10 years De Voorhoede
    1 CTO
    2 offices in Delft & Amsterdam
    30 team members
    7 tech leads
    83 writtens blogposts
    500 projects deliverd
    33 trees planted
    18 meetups organized
    8 masterclasses
    136 Code classes
    87 Code talks

Vision on frontend

We delen graag onze visie op front-end en hoe dit samenhangt met andere disciplines.

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Quote van Jasper over 10 jaar De Voorhoede

  • Foundation of De Voorhoede

  • First web app for TV

    Ziggo SGUI with jQueryMX

  • First Single Page App

    TBA CommTrac met Angular.JS

  • Started teaching at Hogeschool van Amsterdam

    Minors about webdevelopment

  • Our first meetup

    Organizing our first meetup: Front-end Forward in Amsterdam

  • First code class

    Colleagues teaching eachother new things

  • Our first office in Delft

    We moved into the coworkingspace Vakhuiswerk

  • Opening new office in Delft

    Our own place at the Koornmarkt

  • Opening new office in Amsterdam

    Together with Hike One we now have an office at the Houthavens

A trip down memory lane


Clients that made it happen

Most reads blogs of De Voorhoede