You have a clear goal set for your product. But how to get there? What technology will you use and how much time will that take? You’re making plans to ensure your money is spent effectively. We can help! After our kick-start you’ll have a road map and a price tag for your project.

Where do we start?

First up, we want to get to know you. You’ll tell us about your goals and plans. But how well-thought-out is your concept? Are you considering to connect to existing services? Or are we doing everything from scratch? During this introductory meeting, we’ll determine the agenda and goals for your kick-start.

How does a kick-start work?

The kick-start is essentially an afternoon session in which we put our minds together to think about your project. A fitting programme for the kick-start will be prepared by us. Typically, we’ll make sketches on paper and whiteboard to get a feel for how your ideas fit together, which technology plays a role and in what way, and what a user journey should look like. Possibly, we’ll investigate your market position and compare your project with other’s efforts. We will determine the scope for the first version of your product. The outcome of this session will be processed into a roadmap and a price tag for your project.

Do I need a prototype?

You can’t always get going with a new project right away. You might have to convince your colleagues of your idea or chosen technology first. In that case, we’ll develop a prototype. A prototype can be a clickable model of the most important features in your product. Or it can be a test to determine whether the technology we have in mind is feasible. By testing your hypotheses in an early stage, we’ll prevent having too many setbacks during the project. And by demoing your prototype to others, you can convince them of your ideas!

What’s the result?

With the roadmap and a prototype, you’ll have ample argumentation to be able to clear the needed budget in your organisation. After that succeeds, we’ll keep the ball rolling with a lean approach: developing an MVP, collect feedback and iterate away. Here’s to the start of a succesful project!

Got a project we can work on?

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