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The same smooth user experience on the website as in the app

The Challenge: ransform de website of Pathé Thuis into an user-friendly and alluring video-on-demand platform.

Pathé Thuis has grown into one of the biggest video-on-demand platforms in the Netherlands. When they launched, they had worked hard on a user-friendly app for mobile devices, as well as for the television. Initially, the website was used as a marketing channel, to refer visitors to their app in order to stream films.
So, it was time for a makeover, when Pathé Thuis decided to also offer movies via their website. The backend, that was steady. The design was also ready. It was now up to us to ensure a smooth and alluring user experience.

The Solution: a team of experts using the newest web technology

Let’s start with a team of experts. The developers of Egeniq created a backend where the apps of hundreds of thousands of mobile phone and televisions could connect to. The designers from Plus Drie joined as experts to design a smooth video-on-demand experience. With our frontend specialists, the team was complete and ready to transform the website into an intuitive and user-friendly miracle.

Captivating Design

In order to make the website as user-friendly and attractive as possible, we used:
  • Screen filling covers – with text colours that adapt to the film poster for extra contrast. Now you feel the love when clicking on a romcom, and the sensation when clicking the newest James Bond film.
  • Smooth Scrollers – The goal of the design was to be smooth, remember? So, a pleasant, fast website, that keeps up with you no matter how fast you scroll through those movies.
  • Animations – To really bring the website to life, we used animations. This makes the experience even more captivating

The Result: Effortlessly watch a movie wherever and whenever you like on the website of Pathé Thuis. A smooth and fast user-experience from selecting to watching a film.

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