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Monitor & Manage Your E-Vehicles With the Depot View

ViriCiti is an online platform for electric vehicles that tries to make the world more sustainable. Their cloud-based, telematic energy management services optimise the operation of electric city busses and trucks. Thus far, drivers were responsible for making sure that there was enough energy in a vehicle to reach its destination. However, ViriCiti has now taken over that responsibility, so drivers can focus on driving.

Brainstorm Overview

ViriCiti ensures electric busses charge at the depot when they need to. But their clients are finding it difficult to get busses to the right parking spot with the right type of charger and keep track of the state of charge. Therefore, our challenge was to create a user interface that gives their clients a (visual) overview of their depot and the state of charge of their busses.

Our Solution: Real-Time Bus Depot

Together with the ViriCiti designers, we created a real-time bus depot overview. They brought in the domain knowledge, whilst we provided the technological knowledge. The overview enables drivers to see which buses are charging where, which parking spots are free, and which busses are fully charged but are still occupying a parking spot. This efficiently directs drivers to busses and busses to parking spots.

Real-Time Bus Depot

The overview enables you to easily spot issues regarding faulty chargers or low state of charge and see how long it takes before the vehicle is fully charged. You can also find information about how many vehicles are parked at the depot regardless of their fuel type. 

Parked Vehicle Type Overview & Charge Tracking Feature

Super thanks for the help! Our clients are very happy with the end result of Depot View and we are very happy about the collaboration.

- Robert Bartelds, Vice President of Products at ViriCiti

Thank you for the excellent project execution and looking forward to more opportunities together!

- Natalia Litvinenko, Product Manager at ViriCiti

The Ease of Monitoring and Managing

The bus depot overview has been a great success for both ViriCiti and its clients. By using the real-time Depot View, ViriCiti is now able to manage and monitor their vehicles more efficiently and bus drivers are relieved of any parking or charging concerns.

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