Hello Delft!

Our new office at the Dutch epicentre of technology

Why Delft? At De Voorhoede we made it our mission to make new technology accessible and enjoyable by a wider audience. Delft fits right in, as it’s the Dutch epicentre of new technology. We love to help tech companies with smart websites, web apps and other user interfaces on top of their tech.

Picture of the office next to the canal
Office next to the canal

We’re already helping out Delft-based companies, including TBA, Type22 (now Sita), QuTech, TU Delft and Deltares. And we’re happy to have a hub to better serve clients in the Rotterdam - The Hague region too.

Here are a few of our projects in and around Delft:

New address

After a year in the beautiful shared office of Vakwerkhuis, we now have our own office right in the middle of Delft's vibrant city center. Our new address:

📍Koornmarkt 22, Delft

Just a 5 minute walk from Delft train station!

Say hi

We love talking tech and drinking coffee from our new piston machine. You're welcome to drop by and say hi any time.

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For us, that’s about technology and user experience. Fast, available for all, enjoyable to use. And fun to build. This is how our team bands together, adhering to the same values, to make sure we achieve a solid result for clients both large and small. Does that fit you?

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