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We’re on board as secret weapons and the biggest supporters of our clients. We’re not interested in taking a backseat. We believe that the best work is being made in a great atmosphere. We work hard and are fun to work with. To create applications that deliver measurable results we make use of the latest browser technologies. In addition to an executive role, we are happy to advise our clients: we help them on their way, take them with us in the process and we ensure that our work is easily transferable.

This is us A team of 20+ web specialists

Sharing insights With each other and our clients

Our culture From code talks to table football

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  1. Front-end developer wanted

    As a specialist in JavaScript, HTML and CSS you are passionate about developing fast and user friendly solutions for our clients. You like to work in teams and you love to share knowledge about front-end development with your colleagues.

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  2. Front-end tech lead wanted

    As tech lead you’re involved throughout entire projects. Together with our project managers you’re responsible for the preliminary stage of a project. You identify the technical feasibility of the client needs and provide technical details on project proposals.

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  3. Graduation interns wanted

    A research project or working like a real programmer: both are possible internships at De Voorhoede. You can also combine your research with work, so you can get some extra money during your internship. We’re happy to discuss the best way to shape your internship period.

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