Serverless architecture

Don't want to have to worry about your website's infrastructure and servers? Then serverless is a viable option. In a serverless architecture, the software is run in the cloud. This can save you a lot of money. Can you do this with a website from De Voorhoede? Yes, certainly. More info below on what this means. 

Your website in the cloud

You might recognise the increasing popularity of cloud services. In recent years, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have been rolling out their cloud services Azure, Google Cloud Functions and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

With these services, it is possible to host your website and related data on a server of, for example, Azure. So there is still a server, but managing it is completely outsourced by the provider to intelligent software and automated processes. You do not have to worry about your own server. Hence the term: serverless. 

The benefits of serverless

  • Cost savings: with serverless, you pay for each time an application is used. That works out at virtually nothing during off-peak hours and a slightly higher rate during peak hours. With traditional cloud services, you pay a fixed rate, so as well for the resources that eventually are not used.
  • Appealing to developers: Developing applications becomes a lot easier since developers don't have to think about hosting and keep the application up and running.

Scalability: The cloud provider automatically allocates sufficient resources, so you never have to worry about scaling up or down.

Serverless at de Voorhoede

At de Voorhoede, we offer our customers the option to take care of the hosting of their website when developing it. Besides that, sustainability is very important to us, so that is why our websites partly use green hosting providers.