You have an idea for a digital product or a new service. Now you're looking for a partner to explore if there is a market fit. Or are you already a few steps ahead? You know exactly what you want to develop and are now looking for a technical partner to develop it. It doesn't matter to us at what stage you are. Depending on your situation, we make a plan of action and set up an occasional coalition of specialists. A well-proven approach.

Do you have a question, or like to talk to us about your plan?

Sure! Take a look at our calendar or send us a message.

How do you put together such a team of specialists?

After an introductory meeting, we know what your goal is and what phase of product development you are in. Broadly speaking, this will be one of the four phases: Research, validation, realisation or improvement. We can help you in every phase. Depending on your needs, we put together a team of specialists. With this team, we start with an Inventory Workshop: a kick-off workshop in which we map out your idea, goals and biggest risks. Based on this workshop, we determine the next steps. Here, we tell you more about how we develop a product from A to Z.

So why not a "real" full service agency?

Each issue requires a different expertise. With a team of specialists, we can bring together exactly the expertise you are looking for. These experts will all be fully committed to the quality of their part. This not only ensures a high service level for you as a customer from start to finish. But we also deliver a product that is made with love for each and every part of it.

I was positively surprised how fast people from both Hike One and De Voorhoede took ownership of the process, supported us in defining clear goals and provided the right people for each of the complex tasks. On top of that I really appreciated their drive, flexibility and their passion.

Jorrit van Wakeren - Program manager


Who keeps an overview within such a coalition?

We will. We will provide the front-end expertise within the coalition. In this role, it is our responsibility to bring everything to life in a fully functional website. Therefore, we know better than anyone what questions need to be asked at the beginning in order to achieve a good result. One of our project managers is assigned from the start of the project to be the contact person for you as a client and our entire team. This way, you can be sure that your innovative idea will be brought to life successfully.

Curious to get to know our partners?

There are many. And we continue to expand our network. With the digital designers of Hike One, we collaborated on Quantum Inspire and Funda, for instance. Together with the service designers of Muzus, we developed an app for professionals in the field of Work and Income. We also work with smaller agencies such as Komovo and Het Echte Werk, or with other developers. Like the back-enders from Bold Commerce with whom we realized the redesign of Loavies. Or the app developers from Egeniq for a cooperation with Pathé Thuis.

Do you have a question about our approach?

We are open to anything! Schedule a meeting with Nena, our project manager.