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Trouw, Volkskrant and Parool

Case study

Trouw, Volkskrant and Parool

Trouw, Volkskrant and Parool

The challenge: performance and app development workflow over multiple brands

De Persgroep Nederland is a publisher of some of the biggest newpapers in the Netherlands. For their brands Volkskrant, Parool and Trouw there is one team responsible for all development and maintainance of these web sites and native apps. The team wanted to establish one workflow to develop all three brands. With this workflow they wanted to ensure web performance and share this development strategy across multiple brands. To establish this workflow, De Voorhoede was asked to help.

The solution: put your money where your users are

One of the first things we do when starting a new assignment is consult the analytics to see how users are distributed over browsers and platforms. Analytics showed us that there was hardly any use for the native app. Since the large majority visit the website. we decided to use this to our advantage, and focus on web technology.

By building an app-like experience in the browser and reusing that code to build a hybrid mobile app, we cut costs and ensured Apple App Store & Google Play Store presence.

This lead to the following strategy:

Step 1: Lightning fast website

Since we reuse most of the web functionalities, a performant website leads to a performant progressive web app (PWA) and hybrid app. Besides that, research has shown that performance has a massive impact on conversion, user engagement and more. We helped the team to develop a performance workflow resulting in the fastest news websites in the Netherlands. Next to that we established a performance budget to ensure performance during future development.

WebPageTest result showing rendering in 0.6s compared to other news sites

Step 2: Modern web app for the masses

To create an app-like experience on the web we developed a PWA. It can, for example, send push notifications and deliver a connectivity independent experience due to a service worker. All of these functionalities work in modern browsers and the website is installable as PWA on mobile phones.

On the left side you see the website with PWA install banner, in the middle the fullscreen running PWA, on the right the hybrid Android app

Stap 3: Een beetje native voor de rest

Om vindbaar te zijn in de Apple App Store & Google Play Store hebben we de PWA in een React Native hybrid app gestopt. De PWA strategie is gericht op de toekomst. Op dit moment kunnen we zelfs de PWA functionaliteiten hergebruiken in de Android hybride app. En ondanks dat dit op iOS niet kan, kunnen we wel deze functionaliteiten nabouwen met een React Native oplossing.

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