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The challenge: build a tool to let customers find the right loan

ABN-AMRO offers several types of loans. However, choosing the right one can be difficult for their customers. Together with ABN-AMRO we developed a wizard that guides the customer via a question sheet to the right loan.

Naturally, this wizard should be pleasant to use on both mobile and desktop. Foremost features are:

  1. Easy input. There is quite some input to be done before the user gets a result. It is therefore paramount that this input is easy and errors are communicated cleary.
  2. Clear presentation of options. Users should be able to fine-tune the result, changing for instance the monthly amount due, whilst being able to see the impact that would have on the total amount due and duration of the loan.
  3. Motivation of recommendation. It might not be obvious why a certain financial product is the best fit. By showing which aspects of said product correspond with user input we try to communicate this as clear as possible.

The Solution: a super snappy and widely used web app

The numbers don't lie: switching to the new wizard doubled their conversion. But that's not all, in May 2016 it won the WUA! Web Performance Scan Loans, an inquiry into customer satisfaction when orienting on a new loan.

Screens of the The ABN-AMRO loan wizard
The ABN-AMRO loan wizard

How did we get to these results? By focusing on the right aspect: ease of use. The wizard is therefore packed with clever features:

  • The form retains user input, even when a user (accidentally) navigates away from the page.
  • Users get immediate feedback per input field, making sure they do not have to complete the whole form before finding out they are not eligible.
  • The monthly amount due can be changed with slider, immediately communicating the influece on duration and total amount due.
  • A user is free to choose an option other than the one preferred by the wizard. All selectable options are presented so they are comparable.

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