New native web API's: Monetization and Animation

Videos of our March 2021 New native web meetup

Exciting times ahead! In this meetup we introduced two new native innovations to make web development even more fun and efficient. We learned how “Grant for the Web” works on standards and innovation in Web Monetization. And we gained skills on how to level up our animation powers with the Web Animations API.

Monetize content with a Web API, by Roelf-Jan de Vries

Subscriptions, advertisements and user data are popular ways of earning money with online content. However, for some content creators, these methods also have disadvantages. But there might be a solution for them in the future. There is a newly proposed browser API standard: Web Monetization. A way of having a payment stream from the user directly to the website of the content creator. In this talk, Roelf-Jan talks about these new developments and how it’s being promoted & funded by the organization Grant for the Web. 

Bye bye animation libraries? Chances and limitations of the WAAPI, by Ben Deitmer

Traditionally most web animations are driven purely by javascript. The now widely supported Web Animations Api has potential to drastically decrease the javascript footprint and improve performance out of the box. Ben learns you how to implement this new api but also have a critical look at its limitations.

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