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Videos of our October 2022 Design System Tooling meetup

Everybody wants a design system these days. As soon as you have multiple digital products, it’s hard to have a consistent look & feel and keep it that way. Design systems promise to solve this with a bonus of efficiency through reusability. But a design system is a living product in itself. How do you keep design and development in sync once part of your design system is design files and part is code?

For this meet-up, we joined forces with ViriCiti! Three speakers lined up to give an introduction on Design Systems and tools that can be used when working with a Design System. Here are their talks:

The anatomy of a component, by Jasper Moelker

Components in a design system are much more than pixels in a design file. So as a developer I can't simply look at the design of a component and turn it into code. During his presentation, Jasper will share how he breaks components down to their essence, which techniques he uses and yes, which problems he always runs into.

Atomic Design System with Abstract & Storybook, by Enrique Tamames & Tereza Loucova, ViriCiti

Design & Frontend integration is not always easy. We need to align these two disciplines as much as we can. Abstract allows us to have a properly versioned design system as a reference for Frontend. Storybook allows us to have a single source of truth for component discovery. How do we integrate these components? How do we deploy them? Are there any standards to follow? Tereza (design) & Enrique (frontend) show how to make the aesthetics and wireframes for the product but also turn them into reality via code.

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