Why do you want to work on a supersite?

Is online your core business? You’ll probably have a super site, then. A super site is a comprehensive site filled with features. You already have many visitors, who get to your website with different devices: desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. With modern web technologies, we make sure your website works anywhere at any time and will be super fast, above all. And that’s important, because every second your site is loading, visitors decide to leave.

We don’t create super sites just by ourselves. You probably already have a development and design teams at your hands. We closely work with the designers and developers. Preferably on-site, close to anyone who’s involved in the project. With an agile approach, which means new wishes and insights are picked up quickly.

What does it cost?

Our daily rate is € 100 an hour. How much time the development will take is hard to say. It’s kind of like you’re asking ‘What will it cost to build a car that hasn’t been developed yet?’. We like to work towards an indication. A first step towards an indication could be a scope and roadmap session.

Why is it important?

  • Your site will load fast on any screen. A fast website has a measurable positive impact on sales. A fast website gets more repeat visitors, especially on mobile. A fast website will also rank higher in Googles search engine results.
  • Maintenance and scalability are looked at. With a super site, the possibilities for maintenance and scalability are of the utmost importance. That’s why we develop your sites in small, reusable modules. That way, more than one developer can work on your site at the same time. We also make the modules comprehensible for designers, product owners and stakeholders. Together, we develop a durable system.
  • Your back-end developer can easily start working. The front-end is part of a bigger picture. We will take care of a seamless integration, thanks to our modular set-up and cooperation with back-end developers.

What do I get?

Front-end specialists, or maybe even a complete design & development team. Together, we’ll realise one of the best sites in the country.

Can we not do it ourselves?

Do you already have a team at your hands? They will probably know how to maintain your current site. Setting up a new super site is completely different, however. We are specialised at it, we do it all the time. We don’t mind making ourselves dispensable. From the very start of the project we work towards handing the project back over to your teams.

And after that?

The front-end code will be yours completely. Your own team can independently work with it and take care of daily maintenance. If needed, we will give training to transfer knowledge. We will make sure you can do it without us and you’ll phase us out step by step. We’d like to come back and help you out if needed.

Got a project we can work on?

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