Why would you build a mobile app with web technology?

Traditional apps need to be updated in the App Store or Play Store, every time something in the app is changed. We work differently: we update apps at one central location with web technology. That way, users always have the most recent version at their hands. And as a company, you’re able to iterate and release quickly. Sharing your code means that even one adjustment will immediately be effective in all apps. Which means you save on development and maintenance costs.

How does it work?

  • We discuss the desired functionalities for the app.

  • We look at how your current site (and app, possibly) has been developed.

  • Together, we work out a design. If needed, we ask one of our partners for help, like Valsplat, Edenspiekermann or HikeOne.

  • After, we’ll develop the mobile app and help you get it into the App Store and Google Play Store.

What do I get?

  • An app that’s always up to date. We use shared code for iOS, Android and other platforms. This means that one adjustment will be implemented in all apps, without the user having to take action.

  • Use of push notifications and other native app functionalities, which are not useable for your website.

  • Fast iteration. Have you gained new insights and would you like to make adjustments? With only one action, the adjustment will be visible on all platforms.

  • Website and app share a look & feel. Are your mobile apps and website created with web technology? That means they can share a style and components such as a carousel. That way you can guarantee a uniform look and feel.

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