Hey back-ender!

Cool that you are curious about our vacancy!

Who we are

Founded in 2012 and now 25 people strong. Not a do-it-all agency but a real front-end club. We love doing what we do best: building exciting projects that make the most of the web. We have no big growth ambitions but just want to be the very best. If we have it all, we choose projects with a social character. It is not without reason that we are on our way to becoming a Certified B-Corporation. We work from our offices in Amsterdam and Delft, or just from home. We prefer not to limit ourselves with all kinds of rules and procedures, because we believe that freedom, trust and responsibility lead to the best results.

Want to come and get a taste of the atmosphere? Stop by at one of our meetups!

In projects we encounter more and more complex back-end issues. Besides setting up the entire architecture and CI chain on PaaSes like Netlify, Vercel or AWS, we also develop (serverless) JSON and GraphQL APIs including database management, and we implement 3rd party APIs for email, identity, logging, analytics, etc. We do this well, but we lack real leadership. That’s why we’re looking for a very senior Node.js back-end developer. So that the back-end gets just as much love as the front-end.

What will you do with us?

Our client asks for a custom solution, you make sure it happens. You change projects regularly, to keep the excitement going. As a senior you take the lead: architecture choices, setting up the dev environment and clear communication with the customer. Our team has ample experience with back-end development and good knowledge of back-end concepts and possibilities, but you’re the boss. You help out with various projects and provide on-the-job coaching so that the client, your colleagues and you all get better. Even though colleagues are not always on the same project, the lines are short and they can always come to you. We work Agile, in teams with designers and back-enders from agencies we enjoy working with.

In your daily work, your focus is on the project’s back-end development. Maintenance is during office hours, we don’t do "on call 24/7". You have a keen eye for performance, write tests, think in terms of micro services and reusable packages. You may build a RESTful JSON API, or a GraphQL API, you implement 3rd party services or stitch together cloud services. Parts of your code will run as serverless functions, but you are comfortable building full-fledged Node apps. Your main priority is keeping the end user in mind. We want the web to move forward with each project we do, and you as back-ender have a large role in that.

Development and people are at the heart of our work. Fridays are all about your ambitions, with knowledge sharing, in-house training, building on open source projects, meetups and our not-so-legendary-but-very-fun get-togethers.

A quick check! You...

...are a back-ender with focus on the end user. You choose the technology and implementation that fits the demand; your toolset isn’t limited to the proverbial hammer. You are a leader by example but, just like the rest of us, don’t attach much value to hierarchy. You feel comfortable switching between projects and are at ease contacting and communicating with clients. You follow innovations closely and are in the frontline when it comes to testing and applying new techniques, and passing them on to your less experienced colleagues. After all, you work at De Voorhoede for a reason ;-)

You also bring:

  • Enthusiasm, creativity and team spirit
  • Minimum of 7 years experience as a back-end developer of which 3 with Node.js
  • You can dream Node.js, knowledge of other languages is a plus. We might at times do stuff with Python, Go or Rust
  • Knowledge of and experience with cloud services like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Netlify and Vercel are our go-to solutions for CI, serverless and hosting
  • Experience with setting up complex back-end architecture, data modeling, designing APIs and performance
  • HBO or WO level of thinking. A technical education is nice but not a must

Are you joining us? This is what you get in return!

A job that really makes you happy. And a team that is always there for each other. We ensure a good work-life balance, because nobody benefits from a 60-hour week. So you could say that we do have a 9-5 mentality. We will soon be moving into a new state-of-the-art office, designed for the new way of working. Complete with breakout rooms, video workstations, focus areas, telephone booths, a chill-out area and a well-stocked fridge. In short: an office you'll want to show your friends at our everyone's invited get-together. 

You should also expect:

  • Freedom, responsibility and plenty of room for your own ideas
  • A nice salary between €4.000,- and €5.500,- per month
  • Monthly allowance for your old age
  • 8% vacation money + 25 days of vacation (additional options available)
  • 16″ MacBook Pro M1 in your backpack
  • Furnish your home office with a one-time budget of €1.000,-
  • A home office allowance of €2,- per day
  • Annual coaching and study budget of €1.500,-
  • Full reimbursement for travel expenses or an NS business card
  • Fresh lunch on office days
  • Bi-weekly chair massages in Amsterdam
  • Working from our shiny new office with 270º view over the Houthavens in Amsterdam, or our cozy stained-glass canal hideout in Delft just steps away from the train station

Got excited? Or looking for more information? Lets (e-)meet! Sent your introduction to HR via sollicitaties@voorhoede.nl. Or call/Whatsapp Réni: 06-28331148.

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated!