Primary school girls learn programming during Girls’ Day

On 30 March 2023 we welcomed a group of girls from the primary school De Oostpoort at our office in Delft. This visit was part of the national Girls’ Day: an initiative from VHTO for girls in the age of 10 to 15 years with the main goal to interest girls at a young age in science, tech and IT.

8 young girls sitting in groups of 2 behind a computer

Learn how to program

During the visit the group of girls from De Oostpoort got information about the work at De Voorhoede. They also got to meet our female coworkers who are also developers. The girls got to learn how to program in a fun way. With assignments and questions, they customised their own school website with colours, images and text. While doing this, they got to know the basics of the programming languages ​​HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We also introduced them to ChatGPT. As AI can no longer be ignored in this current state of time.

By participating in actions such as Girls' Day, we hope that young girls find their way in the IT sector

- Anne Fortuin, Head of People at De Voorhoede

More women in tech

During Girls' Day 2023, girls across the country visit tech and IT companies. This way they get to know these sectors, which increases the chance that they will choose this sector later on. Girls and women are still under-represented in technical education and occupations, with only 16% of science, tech and IT employees being female.

"At De Voorhoede we pay a lot of attention to diversity, equality and inclusion with a project group especially set up for this purpose. Our team is very passionate about making a positive difference together. By participating in actions such as Girls' Day, we hope that young girls find their way in the IT sector," says Anne Fortuin, Head of People at De Voorhoede.

An office where four young girls are sitting behind two computers together.  They are looking at the screen and reading a question. One girl is pointing at the screen.
Girls working at the assigment together in our office in Delft

About Girls’ Day

Sahar Yadegari, director of VHTO: “On this Girls’ Day hundreds of companies across the Netherlands open their doors. We’re very happy with that, because to be known is to be loved. This way girls can experience that tech is also their world, they belong there, they can do it and like it. Our society is increasingly shaped by technology. Girls should be able to influence that.”

Girls’ Day is an annual event where thousands of girls visit companies in science, tech and IT. VHTO matches schools to companies or business units nearby. This gives the girls an accessible introduction to what science, technology and IT has to offer, they meet female employees and thus gain a broader view of their own possibilities.

Do you want to help reduce the gender gap in tech? Join Girls’ Day with your school or company next year!

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