10 Inspiring Women in Tech - Ada Lovelace Day

Tuesday 11 October 2022 is Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and math. We’d like to take this moment to showcase female tech leaders that have inspired us at De Voorhoede. So, without further ado, here are 10 women that have inspired us in one way or another.

1. Adele Goldberg - Computer scientist

    Adele developed the programming language Smalltalk-80 and various concepts related to object-oriented programming. Smalltalk has had a big impact on the development of many other programming languages like Objective C, Java and Ruby.

    2. Carol Shaw - Video Game Designer

    Carol was one of the first female commercial video game designers. She’s mostly known as the designer for Activision’s River Raid on Atari 2600. Her co-worker Mike Albaugh called her the best programmer of the 6502 and probably one of the best programmers period.

    3. Leonora Tindall - Software Engineer

    Leonora shares her knowledge about Rust, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript under the name of Nora Codes. Her Rust posts and tutorials are very popular among our colleagues.

    4. Una Kravets - Web Developer Advocate

    Una makes very easy to understand and very educational content on her own channels. She’s also one of the regular faces for CSS and devtools related news at Google. And she hosts the CSS Podcast. One of our favourite content creators.

    5. Ineke Scheffers - Founder Girl Code

    In 2015 Ineke founded Girl Code to close the gender gap in tech. Since then she's been organising Girl Code meetups throughout the Netherlands. Check out the meetup page for upcoming events

    6. Corinne Vigreux - Founder Codam

    Corinne is founder of Codam College. This unique educational institution is born out of her passion for innovation and technology. As a student at Codam, you do not pay tuition fees and you do not need any previous education. Our colleague Roos feels very lucky to have studied at Codam and finds Corinne very involved with the students.

    7. Rachel Andrew - Technical Writer

    Rachel works as a Technical Writer at Google. She shares her knowledge about the web and is (co)author of more than 20 books. Besides that she’s also a member of the CSS Working Group.

    8. Lea Verou - Tech Speaker & Researcher

    Lea is researching how to make web programming easier at MIT CSAIL. She speaks a lot at conferences and has multiple publications in her name. Lea is also a member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group & CSS Working Group. 

    9. Margaret Hamilton - Software Engineer

    Margaret was director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed on-board flight software for NASA's Apollo program. It was her code that got Apollo to the moon. She also came up with the term 'software engineering' and made it, despite the criticism it got at first, very popular. Nowadays people are proud to call themselves a software engineer. 

    10. Marleen Stikker - Founder Waag

    Marleen Stikker is a internet pioneer and founder of Waag. As the creator and 'mayor' of De Digitale Stad, she developed the first free gateway to a virtual community on the internet. Waag has grown into a leading European research institute for technology and society, encouraging active citizenship by developing open, fair and inclusive technology.

    Who do you think is missing on this list? Share your favourite female tech leaders with us on Twitter: @devoorhoede #AdaLovelaceDay.

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