Well, it’s official, our work is non-essential. We figured as much. Still, we keep working with unabated enthusiasm, from home, on the things we think are important. Fast, accessible websites and interfaces, for everyone.

We are fortunate enough that our profession is ideally suited to be performed remotely: our people are tech savvy, have an excellent internet connection at home and are used to doing all kinds of work remotely. That doesn’t just mean writing code. Sessions, meetings, brainstorming, scrum ceremonies such as sprint planning, stand-ups and retrospectives work excellently via video calls and online whiteboards.

Contact us with your challenge — or if you’re looking for the best React, Vue.js or all round front-end developers — and we will call you right back.

Need a sparring partner?

There are many home work tips, but sometimes you just want a sparring partner. That is why we give free front-end and Scrum consultations. Our colleagues Stefan Kool and Jasper Moelker are ready for you.

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