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Why would you want to make a prototype?

A prototype is the best way to convince your colleagues, investors or stakeholders of your idea.
Put your idea into a working product based on a small investment. During the developmentproces of your prototype you will get the first insights in the technical posibilities.

Why is it important?

It gives you a better understanding in the scope of your project:

  • How complicated are the desired functionalities?
  • What technical choices do you have to make?
  • How much time will it take to further develop the prototype?

Also, a prototype is the best way to convince your colleagues, investors or stakeholders of your idea.

How does it work?

We translate your idea into a prototype. Here’s what we do:

  • During the kick-off, we discuss your plan and determine the scope of the prototype: which functionalities must be included now and which ones can go on a wish list? We will brainstorm together and come up with a suitable solution. We will also indicate how much time it will take to develop a functionality.
  • Then we build your prototype in a week. During this week we also plan a moment to review. That way, you can make adjustments, if necessary.
  • At the end of the week we present our work to you and your team.

What do I get?

A prototype with which you can convince stakeholders, investors and colleagues of your idea. You will also receive a report, in which we show you what technical risks and opportunities we see.

What does it cost?

In one week, we can already develop a minimal version of your product. With our daily rate of € 800 we come to a price starting at € 4000. We look forward to discussing what you want to achieve with your prototype. After that, we will make you a quotation.

And after that?

We would gladly talk about how we can further develop your prototype together. Using the prototype as a basis, we can estimate better how much time is needed for the next steps.

Got a project we can work on?

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