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You want to launch a new online service or product. Your idea is clear. You just need the right people to realize it. Your company doesn’t have in-house developers or other projects have priority. Here we are, happy to help!

We already set-up agile teams for these companies:

  • Funda
  • OLX
  • HotelSpecials
  • GrandVision

Where to start?

After our first meeting we start the project with a scoping & sketch session. The exact planning of this session will depend on the status of your project. Don’t you have designs yet? We will visualize your ideas in sketches. When you’re already past this stage, our focus might be on the technical approach. We will also prioritize your wishes and discuss your minimal needs to launch your project. Next, we work on a plan of approach.

Why an agile approach?

In an agile project the team delivers your product in separate (production ready) parts within short sequential periods. The scope of the project is flexible. Because of this, there is always room for new insights and we’re able to adapt new ideas right away. You as Product Owner decide which features have priority. You stay in charge!

How do we set up a team?

After the first session we know exactly which team members to look for. We will find the best match among our front-end developers and devOps engineers. One of our Scrum Masters will help and guide your team with the Agile approach. For designers or back-end developers, we work together with our partner agencies. A proven formula. One of our specialist teams created a market place for heavy machinery in only 8 weeks!

Team ready. Off we go!

We set up our workplace in your office or at our place. As long as we are able to work with the whole team in one room, we are happy! To follow the process of the project anytime, from anywhere, we use online tools such as Trello, Jira, Dropbox and Slack.

So, what are the costs?

This may sound cliché but it completely depends on the project; on your ideas and plans. Most of the time we are able to give a first ballpark after the first meeting. The official proposal follows after the scoping & sketch session. We work with a regular hourly rate of € 100. For our tech lead the hourly rate is € 125.

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