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The challenge: the low-threshold presentation of extensive journalistic research

The online Rotterdam magazine Vers Beton is frequently visited for their articles about politics, culture and urban development. For their research into who has the power concerning construction projects in Rotterdam, De Bouwende Macht, Vers Beton also wants to appeal to people who will not automatically dive into the long reads. In a playful way, they want to introduce a broad audience to De Bouwende Macht.

The solution: a wizard as a game

In collaboration with journalist and illustrator we developed the game 'Bouwen is Macht'.

Illustration of the game Bouwen is Macht
Illustratie door Matzwart

Through questions about various construction projects in Rotterdam, the user can influence the formation of the city. Based on their chosen answer, changes occur in the map of Rotterdam. At the end of the game, users are presented with a postcard of 'their' Rotterdam, which they can share on social media.

Postcard of the city of Rotterdam from the game Bouwen is Macht

The techniques

  • We wanted the game to feel fast and responsive to the user. So we choose to build a single page app with Vue.js

  • A lot happens in the game. We used Vuex store to keep track of the questions, the given answers and the changes in the map

  • Based on the answers we change the SVG illustration. With a subtle transition and sound effect we gave it a playful effect. The vibrating of your mobile device, for which we used the Vibration API, gives the experience a nice touch

The result

  • A single page app with Vue.js

  • Playfully build your own city

  • Share your view of Rotterdam with your friends and family