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GSAP, NextJS and React



A content heavy handsome website

The challenge: a content heavy handsome website

Not long ago, digital designers agency UNITiD changed their name to Hike One. With that name change also came a new identity. A good excuse to replace their old sluggish Wordpress website with one that is fast, flashy and fun to use. Including a modern CMS with a intuitive interface so that authors can effortlessly add new pages. Pages that tell their own story with original matching layouts that have text, large responsive images, videos and are SEO friendly. Lots of conditions, but we accomplished all of it. You can find the result at and this is how we did it.

The solution: an ‘universal’ website with a user-friendly CMS

Content is king, so the choice of CMS was important. We found an excellent candidate in DatoCMS. It boasts a full featured API for all content, which makes it technology independent. This way we can use the best front-end stack suitable for the job. It’s component based, which means custom pages can be put together with modular building blocks. Copy writers can now compose unique exciting articles with reusable custom components and build a brand new page without the help of a developer. And it is so easy to use even for non-tech-savvy authors, that pages can be made and released in minutes.

Hike One - case page

Good content management with Dato was the first step, NextJS was the second. NextJS is a front-end framework built with ReactJS, that makes it easy to render parts on the server and in the browser. A so called 'isomorphic' website. This results a SEO friendly website, that is fast, responsive and has a single page app-feel for the user.

Finally there’s the eye candy in the form of the awesome menu animation and the cool parallax effects throughout the site. GreenSock Animation Platform helped to achieve this: a high performance and easy to use JavaScript animation library.

Hike One - menu animation